Kim Kardashian: Hollywood guide and gameplay


Kim Kardashian is a fashion icon in real life, and the game also has the same concept as well. Glu games developed the game in 2014. The game is free on Playstore and Appstore as well and based on role-play category. The players are allowed to create their character and increase their reputation and make it famous. In order to be famous players have to do various kinds of tasks and activity and earn coins and stars to earn stuff. Stars are hard to earn, but players can get it with the help of Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack without any problem.


In the game, there are several tasks, but creating a character and increase is the main task that needed to complete. In order to gain reputation and become popular players are required to complete daily missions, tasks, to-do lists and many more.

The game contains so many features, and it took more than two years to make this make. In order to become famous players have to gains fans by doing jobs of modelling, acting jobs, club appearance, interview appearances and dates. All these things will help in to gain popularity. All these actions required energy and money, which will refill the energy of the character. All these things will help to gain experience and popularity.


Currency is an important resource in every game as well as in this game too. Cash and Stars are the main currency of the game. Unlike cash, star currency is hard to get in the game. Throughout the game, players receive very few amounts of star currency. But players can get star currency from the online store with the help of real money, and Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack is the best way to get unlimited currency.